Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Can Americans adapt to the Tridentine Mass?

Audio Coverage - NPR interviews a few people regarding the rumored revival of the Tridentine Mass.

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Obviously biased against the Tridentine Mass, but hey... We like to see these liberals cringe at the possibility of having Latin Masses without a bishop's heel on traditionalists' throats. They act as if freeing the Tridentine Mass is akin to forcing it down everyone's throats like it was done about 40 years ago.

Listen to these descriptions:

"Priest with his back to the congregation"
"Barely audible tone"
"Vatican Council decreed that services should be in the vernacular of the people"
(liar, liar, woman with man's pants on fire)
"Liturgical Dark Ages"
"Small groups of Catholics who...never accepted the new understanding of the Church"
"Young Romantics who pine for a day they never knew"
"They came out feeling less than inspired"
"When it's said in English, we know what's going on"

And so on...

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