Friday, November 17, 2006

"A noble experiment that didn't quite work"

An article in the Palm Beach Post ( Latin Mass would restore mystery ) refers the Mass in the vernacular as "A noble experiment that didn't quite work".

The Author (Steve Gushee) goes on to write:
English might have helped the English-speaking faithful understand what worship was about, but explaining a mystery in any language is an oxymoron. The use of English in the church's central act of worship turned a profoundly moving and, yes, mysterious experience into a dull, pedestrian meeting with little power to stir the spirit or motivate the faithful.

I have always thought that the language of worship should be different from that of everyday life. God deserves to be worshipped in a Language that cannot be modified to suit the devices of everyday life. I much prefer to worship God in a language that is different from that which everyone uses to curse His Name with on a daily basis.

You will often hear the objection that people "don't understand Latin". Of course, most people today believe that the Mass is "for them". They don't realize that the Mass is the official prayer of the Church to GOD. God understands, you don't have to. He understood the greek Jews when they worshipped in Hebrew - which was the official language of worship at the time. It unified the Jews throughout the roman empire. Latin Unified the Church throughout the entire world.

Another though also crosses my mind when people say that they don't know latin. We are the most civilized & educated generation in the history of Humanity. We can learn computer languages & new technologies almost on a daily basis, but are we too stupid to learn Latin? The peasants of old knew and understood the Mass. How dumb we've become!

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