Saturday, December 30, 2006

Internet petition AGAINST Tridentine Mass is a big flop.

Fr. Farinella thinks traditionalists believe Pope Pius VI to be "inspired by the devil".

Translation provided by Fr. Zuhlsdorf here.

CITTA’ DEL VATICANO - The collection of signatures launched on the internet by the priest and biblical scholar from Genoa Fr. Paolo Farinella against the return of the Mass in Latin – object of a long discussed possible Motu Proprio of Benedict XVI - and in defense of the choices of Vatican II is not having the successed that was hoped for. The object of the appeal was to gather at least 10,000 signatures to send to the Vatican, but over the almost two months since the launch the number of signers is just above one thousand.

There are just 1052 signers up to today, who have joined the first signer, namely the same Fr. Farinella, but it is necessary to count also the signatures which are clearly false, such as that of someone who mocking signed as none less than "Marcel Lefebvre, Archbishop of Dakar", ....

"The problem is not that the Mass is in Latin (today an anachronism)" he explained in his online appeal. "The true problem rests in the fact that the Mass of Pius is a banner raised by the traditionalists to bring about the complete abnegation of the ecumenical Council Vatican II and especially of Pope Paul VI, whom they consider schismatic and inspired by the devil." Thus, in reviving for them the old rite, "you make yourself an accomplice and supporter of an even greater schism because the disciples of Lefebvre don’t accept the authority of the Council". "You are the Pope and we recognize your authority in this matter," Fr. Farinella added. "But at the same time we say to you that you cannot do this thing you desire and you cannot contradict a council much less abrogate it as you are doing with the concession of exclusive use the Mass of Pius V."

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